Ymin KCX series capacitors are certified by BULLs Quick Charger Supplier List

Date:2020-8-20 14:29

It is reported, recently,  that the leading power socket manufacturer, BULL (公牛) , released its first USB PD quick charger socket, in which two pcs of Ymin KCX series capacitors are used.



BULL 65W PD quick charger power socket


After knock-down, we found that there are multi-PD-charging portal in USB power model in 65W PD quick charger power socket, which is composed of switcher and Secondary buck circuit. In order to match the high output power of 65W PD quick charger, there are 5 pcs of capacitors are mounted to filter ripple current, among which there are 2 pcs of KCX 400V 27UF capacitors.



KCX series 105C 3000 HRS capacitor is released in the year of 2019 for quick chargers, featured with following advantages, such as, wide temperature range, -55℃~105℃, 3000 hours load life, anti-thunder strike, low ESR, low LC, high ripple currenthigh frequency, etc.


With above features, stable performance and miniature size, Ymin KCX series is highly appraised by charger manufacturers. And Ymin KCX series capacitors are widely used by Chinese charger manufacturers, too.



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