Knockdown Report:Samsung 25W PD Charger+7.5W Wireless Power Bank

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Knockdown Report:Samsung 25W PD Charger+7.5W Wireless Power Bank


This Samsung Wireless Power Bank EB-U3300has a capacity of 10000mAhwith two USB-Cportals and supports 25Wquick charger. Here are illustrations of knockdown, please check for more reference.


1. Appearance



Rated capacity6400mAh5V 2A5400mAh5V 5A

Rated input: 1/25V 3A9V 2.77A12V 2.1A

Rated Output: 1/25V 2A9V 2A12V 2.1

PDO5V 3A9V 2.77A

PPS3.3-5.9V 3A3.3-11V 2.25A

Rated Output: 1+25V 5A



2.Knockdown Illustration




There are 3 pcs of polymer capacitors, Ymin VPX series, installed to filter ripple current. Ymin VPX series, polymer capacitor, is featured with high reliability, low ESR, high ripple current, etc. And its working temperature range is from -55℃ - +105℃ and its load life is as long as 2000 hours even at 105℃. Whats more, it is miniature sized, which is suitable for SMT and make the device more compact.




Here is specification of the three polymer capacitors, VPX 105C 2000 HRS 20V 120uFφ6.3x5.8mm, which is customer-made for Samsung.




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