Ymin super capacitor,5.5V 0.47F, is used in AHL car wireless charger

Date:2020-9-28 16:06

Ymin super capacitor, 5.5V 0.47F, is used in AHL car wireless charger


The built-in super capacitor supports Korean AHL car wireless charger working even when the car is turned off.


Recently, we got a car wireless charging kit from AHL, including data cable, fixing frame and car wireless charger. The product supports 10W wireless charging and is suitable for most models. In addition, it also has a sensor function, and its arms can automatically open and contract, making it more convenient to place the phone. Moreover, the clamp arms and the bottom bracket are made of metal, which is very durable. Here is a detail of knockdown report..



1.AHL car wireless charger appearance


The product supports 5V2A or 9V1.67A input, and 10W wireless charging output, and has passed KC certification.




2.Knockdown illustration of AHL AHL car wireless charger



In order to ensure that the wireless charger arms can still work normally after the car is turned off, this wireless car charger uses Shanghai Yongming's small supercapacitor module product as a backup power source, and the specification is SDM series 0.47F 5.5V (13*6.3*12mm). It is reported that such supercapacitor products of Yongming have small size, high energy, low internal resistance, long cycle life, high safety (than battery) performance, and are widely used in the backup power end of vehicle terminal equipment.

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